Sunday, May 17, 2020

Retreat to the mighty Atlantic Ocean

Nothing like a global pandemic to make you appreciate the little things in life that many of us too often take for granted.

The things that really matter.

Like dogs, family, nature, health.

I’ve written a couple of freelance articles about the coronavirus and I’ve paid close attention to what others have said about it.

And, of course, I’ve endured this dreadful affliction—so far being virus free (to the best of my knowledge).

One place I can always go for solace—now that I live just a few miles from the beach—is the Atlantic Ocean.

Nothing like spending a little time, alone or with your loved ones, and taking in the magnificient splendor of the sea.

It always looks different.

Some days the ocean is fairly calm—with waves lapping up gently against the shoreline.

Other days the waves are huge, roaring, loud—crashing against the beach.

And yes, it gets hot (even sweltering in South Carolina) but there always seems to be a refreshing breeze at the beach. And more often than not, a cool breeze.

I’ve been to the Gulf of Mexico, and yes, the Gulf is scenic. But it’s not really an ocean in my opinion. Nothing about the Gulf approaches the powerful, ever-changing Atlantic Ocean.

Come to the ocean just to take in the beauty and majesty of something that seems as vast and overwhelming and mind-boggling as the universe itself.

Come to the ocean just to think and wonder and imagine.

Come here to be amazed and stirred in the depths of your soul. Get lost (while you also get browner by the second) in your peace and meditation.

Take it all in with sand between your toes and the salt air filling your lungs.

There’s no substitute for the magical ambience of the mighty Atlantic.

Then, if you’re alone, return home to your dogs and loved ones and share, as best you can, what you’ve just experienced. It's too good, too emotionally and sensuously overpowering to keep to yourself.

The Atlantic Ocean: it never gets old.

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