Monday, April 22, 2013

Singing and preachin' at pig roast

Been a while since I've blogged but must take note of a neat event I attended last Saturday (April 20) in the rolling hills a few miles outside of Greeneville, Tennessee.

It was the fourth annual pig roast sponsored by U-Turn For Christ (a restorative ministry for persons trying to conquer the demons of substance abuse).

Heard some good, uplifting gospel music and fine preaching. Also enjoyed a delicious meal of pork barbecue with all the trimmings (potato salad, baked beans, fresh corn, fruit, chocolate cookies, brownies, soft drinks.)

Turn up your sound and click here for a sampling of the music.

The photos are by yours truly. They capture some of the folks/scenes I saw at the pig roast that day.

Those two suave characters in sunglasses (one in an orange shirt, the other wearing a black jacket) are my brother Edward (who works at the ranch) and myself.