Thursday, June 12, 2014

Signs of our times

You see them everywhere.

On the windows of storefronts. In front of churches. On shirts and motor vehicles and next to roads and beside mailboxes and on the sides of trucks.

Everyone, it seems, is in the business of creating or posting signs.

The last few months, in my travels in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri, I've taken pictures of some of the more interesting signs I've encountered.

Here are a few:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I've had a chance this past week to spend time with my granddaughters in Sunset Hills, Mo. (just outside of St. Louis.)

They are a handful, but I will miss them as I head back south.

Having that time with them has given me pause for thought.

What exactly is a granddaughter?

I learned a few things from my time with these precious little ones (ages 3 and 4).

Granddaughters are cute, smart, unpredictable, messy, rambunctious, wide-eyed and always curious.

They also like dogs and cats and balls and blocks and stuffed animals and fountains in the park that they can dance about under as the water splish splashes off their little heads.

They romp and play and bump into things and get hurt and get back up and bump and jump and play some more.

They begrudgingly take naps.

They jabber their own frequently undecipherable language (but they seem to effectively communicate with one another.)

Granddaughters love McDonald's and Chick-fil-a and playlands.

Granddaughters have a hard time keeping their shoes on, and it's tough to get a good picture of a granddaughter, because they're always jostling.

A granddaughter will wander off in a heartbeat in a store. You gotta watch 'em every second.

They love a bedtime story. They don't like picking up their toys.

(And so what!) A bunch 'a toys lying on the floor ain't hurtin' nothin'.

Granddaughters are little bundles of joy that are a gift from God.