Saturday, August 9, 2014

Farewell to a friend

We had a farewell luncheon for a good friend and colleague a few days ago.

Jamie Low has been the key go-to person in the Department of Mass Communication at Winthrop University for the last several years.

But now she's leaving the university (and understandably so) to pursue other interests.

(That's Jamie in the photo with this blog post--third female, with glasses propped up on her head, on right side of the table.)

We all wish you the best, Jamie. Thanks for putting up with us, working with us, boosting us, saving us, keeping us focused. You name it, without Jamie we couldn't have done it. Couldn't have survived professionally, let alone succeeded.

She was the best at what she did for us, and now she deserves the best in her new endeavor.

God speed, Jamie.