Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodbye in Her Eyes

The Zac Brown Band has a really cool song called "Goodbye in Your Eyes."

I keep playing and listening and can't seem to get enough of it.

Turn up your sound, click here and enjoy.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The general and the woman

I'd like anyone's thoughts on this question:

Why did David Petraeus resign his position as head of the CIA and commander in chief of all troops in Afghanistan and Iraq?

I keep hearing it was because of his dalliance (okay more than a dalliance) with Ms. Paula Broadwell of Charlotte, N.C. The national defense experts and journalistic pundits say Gen. Petraeus' indiscretions made him potentially susceptible to blackmail and thus, by inference (I guess) put him in a vulnerable position where he'd have to reveal some of our nation's most sensitive military and spy secrets.

But I'm scratching my head. There was a guy (Bill Clinton) back in the late 90s privy to the most sensitive military and intelligence secrets in America.

He messed around outside of his marriage with a woman named Monica.

He got caught and he lied about it.

But he didn't resign.

And he didn't get fired.

Many even say that if he'd been able to run for a third term in office, he'd have been re-elected.

Clinton came to be known as the "comeback kid," and this enormously popular former president played a big part in getting President Obama re-elected to a second term.

So help me square David Petraeus with Bill Clinton.

Please give me your thoughts.

Meanwhile, I'll keep scratching my head.