Monday, April 21, 2008

What it's like to be waiting for open heart surgery

Well, here I am in the mountains of Tennessee--not able to teach my classes, or, more accurately--prohibited from my cardiologist at the VA Hospital in Johnson City, Tenn., from returning to Winthrop till I'm past my open heart surgery.

No phone call yet from my doctor on when the procedure will be (which will occur in Asheville, N.C.). Just waiting and trying to take care of myself and stay positive.

Currently working on my diet--being careful about what I eat and drink. Staying away from red meat and fatty foods.

What I can/should eat/drink: skim milk, grape juice, carrots, salads with low fat or fat free dressing, oatmeal, fat-free yogurt, walnuts, baked chicken, baked or grilled fish.

No more milkshakes. No hamburgers. No french fries, which I dearly love.

Trying to be smart about all this, but it's hard.

ButI have to be smart about what I eat and do.

Everyone, now that I think of it, should be doing the same thing.

Or maybe it just boils down to "misery loves company."

(Click on the above link to see some foods to eat to protect your heart.)