Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Thanksgiving I'll never forget

Every Thanksgiving I harken back to that memorable Thanksgiving holiday I spent working at the Air Defense Control Center at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

It was many years ago but some things a guy never forgets.

Here’s what I remember about it.

An American woman—an officer’s wife as I recall—brought me a big feast of turkey with all the trimmings.

I had just completed my work shift, and I guess she noticed a skinny, hungry airman.

I had never seen her before. Didn’t even know her name, but there she was.

With a delicious home-cooked Thanksgiving meal just for me!

Every Thanksgiving I go back to that day.

When a kind, good-hearted, generous soul truly made my day.

It happened at Clark Air Base in 1968.

I’ve wondered in recent years—especially on Thanksgiving— who she might have been or what I did to deserve such kindness.

One stranger helping bring happiness to a skinny, shy airman.

Maybe a wink from God to help me get through the holiday in a place thousands of miles (and a giant ocean) away from home.